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At Swoffers, we act for over 160 landlords and have over 340 units of accommodation under management.

We can offer you the widest choice of rental properties that range from Local Market bedsits to luxury Open Market homes. To start the search for your perfect rental property, you can browse new rentals online or simply call us on 01481 721757.

If you’re moving out of a current rental property, please see our handy checklist below.

Checkout – Tenant’s Checklist

Prior to the checkout inspection by Swoffers, you should re-read and familiarise yourself(selves) with the inventory, which you or your representative signed when you moved in and ensure that all obligations have been met. The obligations of the tenant in respect of the property will not be discharged until the checking out process has been completed and any issues arising thereon have been resolved to the satisfaction of ALL parties.

Please note that, after completion of the check out, Swoffers is required to take possession of all keys to the property. It is therefore imperative that all items and possessions belonging to the tenant have already been removed before the check out.


  • The interior of the property should be left clean and in good condition, fair wear and tear expected.
  • All items listed on the inventory should be left in the same rooms as on the inventory and in clean condition.
  • All appliances such as cooker, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine etc. should be empty and cleaned out (fridge/freezer defrosted).
  • Any leftover food, cleaning materials and personal belongings must be disposed of and not left in cupboards.
  • All the carpets should be professionally cleaned and a receipt obtained and provided to Swoffers as proof.


  • The garden, including borders and hedges, should be in a similar state of tidiness to when the tenant first moved into the property.
  • All personal items no longer required must be removed from the property and not left out in bin bags for collection. Only the normal household refuse will be collected by the parish on the normal collection day.


  • Arrange for all meters to be read.
  • Ensure that all service meters are returned to the landlord’s name, and not disconnected. The final accounts must be sent direct to your new address and you should ensure that you provide this to Guernsey Water, Guernsey Electricity, Guernsey Gas, Sewage department etc. as appropriate.
  • Notify Sure Guernsey to finalise payment of the telephone service where applicable.


  • You should contact Guernsey Post to arrange for your mail to be redirected to your new address. Swoffers, the landlord or future tenants cannot be responsible for forwarding mail to you. Any mail received will be returned to the post office and returned to sender.

Rent and Deposit

  • Ensure that your bank has been instructed to cancel your standing order for the rent. Should the standing order not be cancelled and monies require refunding we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £25 for this service.
  • Your deposit will be returned in full providing Swoffers and the landlord are satisfied with the condition of the property, rent paid and that all outstanding issues have been resolved.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Your landlords also have access to advice on managing their properties to ensure both parties enjoy an organised and fuss-free lettings process.

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