Swoffers Appointed Agents for Green Burial Ground



st germain burial ground

Swoffers are pleased to announce that they have been appointed sole agents to sell plots in the new Green Burial Ground that will shortly be taking shape at the St Germain Nature Reserve.

The area, formerly a rubbish tip, has been gradually turned into haven for wildlife and the addition of a Green Burial Ground will complete the transformation.

‘Maladrie du Castel’ as the new ground will be known is to be entirely self-funding and to ensure that the maximum income is realised the area has been split into Open and Local Market zones. The Open Market ‘Verdant Meadow’ has plots that face the sea, will be densely planted with a selection of more exotic trees, palms and shrubs and be landscaped to provide winding walkways with intimate clearings and garden ‘rooms’.

Whilst at the lower end of the tip, the Local Market ‘Furze Field’ will face inland and be more sparsely planted with native shrubs such as gorse, bracken and blackthorn.

Paolo Firl from the States Sustainability Committee said “This is an excellent initiative which ticks all of the boxes for us. We’re gaining an income from States land, supporting the natural environment and, as an added bonus, it will also go towards hitting our recycling targets.”

“Swoffers have been brought in as we think there’s real potential to sell plots to the Open Market. In particular we’re hoping we can target cruise passengers. As part of the overall initiative to cater for these visitors there will be trips out to site, which has one of the best views on the island, followed by a short presentation from Swoffers on how to buy a tax-free plot and rest there eternally.

Representing Swoffers, Andre Austin commented, “It is a little different to what we normally do, but at the end of the day we’re still selling the land and the location. Interestingly, we’ve also discovered that the site’s classification means that non-locals who purchase a plot and occupy it for more than 8 years, are eligble to become locally qualified.”

There will be a small initial expenditure involved in the project as a new layby will need to be contstructed to allow visitors to disembark safely from the coaches. The road will be widened to allow a courtesy crossing to be installed then made into single lane after 3 metres. A one way system will also operate at peak times but residents should have no cause for concern as computer modelling shows it will only add an estimated 3 seconds to the average journey.

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