Finding your feet in Guernsey


Relocating can be daunting, but once you have decided on Guernsey you can get here quickly and easily.

Our Open Market Lettings Negotiator, Sue Nicolle, explains why finding temporary accommodation before buying the perfect home may be an option for you, while our Senior Property Manager Nikki Trebert discusses how Swoffers’ bespoke property management service takes the stress out of letting.

There are many advantages to living in Guernsey, not least its low tax regime. But the most compelling reason for moving is the lifestyle enjoyed by islanders. ‘If you’re going somewhere for tax reasons then you’ve got many choices,’ says Open Market Lettings Negotiator Sue Nicolle. ‘But the people who come here tend to be those who appreciate what else the island has to offer, which includes a high-quality housing market for both buyers and renters.’

At the height of the pandemic, demand for properties outstripped supply. ‘At times last year we simply couldn’t get enough properties; we literally ran out,’ says Sue. And there is still a healthy level of interest in relocating to Guernsey, with Swoffers continuing to list a good range of properties, from one-bedroom apartments to high-value family homes.

Whether you are holding out for the perfect property or want to take some time before deciding if the island ticks all your boxes, renting can be an option worth considering. As Sue explains: ‘Some people take the opportunity to rent while they look for the right property to buy. There are lots of considerations, such as settling in families and choosing the right schools and so on, and we know just how important it is to find the right place.’

Renting also brings a level of flexibility. If you have a property to sell but want to leave the UK before the new tax year commences, this can give clients the essential time they need. ‘If people are selling an asset in the UK and it’s not going to happen before 5th April, they often need to be resident here before the new tax year. It’s such an easy process to come and rent here, particularly if you’re a British passport holder,’ says Sue.

For an easy transition, nothing could be simpler than renting a fully furnished and equipped home, particularly if you are holding onto your existing property. The starting point for an Open Market rental is in the region of £2,200 a month, rising to £120,000 plus per annum for the most spectacular properties.

Swoffers receives enquires from across all age ranges: ‘We get professional singles and couples coming for work, and others coming for the lifestyle. Whatever the demographic, everyone benefits from our lovely quality of life. For families, the island has excellent states schools and those looking at private schools have a wider choice than ever, since former boys’ school Elizabeth College became fully co-educational in September 2021.’

Many prospective clients want to find a place without any fuss, which is why our property management department works closely with the rentals team. As Senior Property Manager Nikki Trebert explains, ‘We not only manage properties that are tenanted, but we also offer a bespoke management service for landlords, both of which go hand-in-hand.

‘It’s often used by our clients who may only be here part of the time and need someone to look after the property for them whilst they’re away. We provide them with a tailored service to meet their needs, which can often include finding tenants who need a temporary base while they look for something more permanent.

‘The last thing that a busy landlord who has essential business elsewhere needs is more admin, while prospective tenants require good and frequent communication. With our two teams working together we can do just that, without our clients having the hassle of dealing with multiple separate agencies.’

And for those owners who do not wish to let their home, that’s no problem. The team will provide the essential services that ensure the property is maintained in the client’s absence.

‘From a management perspective, we take all the stress away from our clients, whilst keeping them fully informed,’ continues Nikki. ‘We’ve been in the property market for a long time and we know what our clients really need from their agent, which is why we have created this bespoke service.’

Whether you’re looking to relocate to Guernsey, or you’re a landlord in need of a property management service, get in touch with us today.

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