Virtual Viewings Have Landed at Swoffers


Swoffers first estate agency in Guernsey to offer immersive property tours

Mention virtual reality and most of us will think of gamers stepping into an imaginary world, fighting battles or speeding around a race track. However, this technology is set to transform the way we buy and sell our homes.

What better way to sell your property than giving potential buyers the ability to see it for real from their desktop via a 360-degree virtual tour?

At Swoffers, we are committed to harnessing the power of technology to make the experience of buying and selling a home easier and more enjoyable. Using our immersive property tours, potential buyers will be able to take a virtual walk around a home, allowing them to really understand the space and get a feel for its dimensions and how the rooms interconnect.

This is especially valuable for buyers not presently located in Guernsey, who will be able to explore properties of interest wherever and whenever they choose. By the time they come to visit the island in person, they’ll be confident that the homes they go to view with one of our agents are real contenders. And we’re sure that the convenience of being able to take a virtual tour at their leisure will be equally attractive to buyers who do live in Guernsey.

This innovative development brought to you by Swoffers is a completely new level of engagement which goes beyond looking at a set of photographs. Not only can you see each room from every angle, but you can also view photographic floorplans with all the furniture and fittings in situ, whilst ‘dollhouse’ mode transforms these plans into a 3D image, almost as if you had shrunk the property and removed its roof to see it in its entirety.

The possibilities of this technology go beyond simple convenience: for example, it is valuable for clients who have or are caring for someone who has, issues surrounding access and mobility. Furthermore, if you’ve ever looked around an unfurnished house and struggled to visualise how your furniture would fit in, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to appreciate scale. So if a property is to be vacated prior to being sold, the virtual tour can be created before all its contents are removed.

Craig Whitman, Open Market Director at Swoffers, is excited about this new offering: ‘We’re always looking for ways to make buying and selling property a positive experience, and we think 360-degree virtual tours are the future for our industry. It’s convenient to take a really good look at a home wherever you are, at any time of day or night, and the technology gives you a unique view – and understanding – of how a property might work for the way you live.’

If you are interested in using this technology, please contact Andre or Craig for more information regarding costs and what’s involved.



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