Swoffers continues to dominate sales

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Latest statistics show that Swoffers has continued to dominate property sales this year.

Swoffers has sold 53% of Local Market properties over £1.5m this year, and in October alone was responsible for 37% of all Local Market sales.

On the Open Market, Swoffers has an even stronger hold; this year to date it was responsible for 67.5% of all Open Market sales.

‘We’ve been in business for more than 51 years and with the biggest and most experienced team on the island have experienced every high and low of the market,’ said director Andre Austin.

‘Although it has been a challenging year with rising interest rates, our extensive contacts and unrivalled marketing reach means we can showcase properties to more people than anyone else and that has been reflected in our figures.

‘As always, it’s been our mission to help people at all levels of the market find their perfect home. Obviously it’s been frustrating when rising interest rates has meant some people no longer being able to secure lending for the home they wanted to buy.

‘However if we continue to see stability with interest rates and even a drop then it does inject confidence into the market as evidenced by encouraging activity levels that we saw in Q4 when interest rates stayed the same. So whilst 2024 is likely to be challenging, we think there are signs there will be more stock available next year offering greater choice to prospective buyers.’

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