Pollinator Project Prepares for Spring

Community, Guernsey

Guernsey’s valuable insect population can look forward to some plush new homes thanks to the Pollinator Project.

‘Swoffers is pleased to help anyone in their search for the perfect home, not least some of the Island’s smaller residents,’ says Spencer Noyon, Swoffers Director.

‘We are proud to continue our support of La Société Guernesiaise’s Pollinator Project which aims to create habitats where pollinating insects can thrive.’

The Project aims to provide specially designed and locally produced bee boxes at a number of sites around the Island. The Pollinator team have been working hard getting the next batch of boxes ready to be installed at various locations over the next few months.


‘Anything we can do to help support our native insects and establish pollinator patches across Guernsey will benefit us all in the long run,’ says Barry Wells from the Pollinator Project.

‘A recent scientific study has found that 40% of the world’s insect species are undergoing dramatic rates of decline. Bees are one of those species disappearing eight times faster than mammals, birds or reptiles. Guernsey is not immune to this – pollinating insects are vital for the production of much of the food we eat and the flowers we enjoy.

‘We have been weather protecting and branding a new batch of boxes over the winter so they will be ready to be installed at schools, nature reserves, charity gardens and businesses during the spring,’ says Barry.

You can find out more about the Pollinator Project at pollinatorproject.gg



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