Own a piece of Guernsey history


Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Guernsey history? Well now’s your chance.

Les Jouppes is a stylish detached bungalow on the south west corner of the island. But there’s so much more to this property then meets the eye.
What can’t be seen is the World War II Flak Command Bunker that sits beneath the surface.
The 8-room underground structure is extremely well-preserved and could be used for a range of different activities – only limited by your imagination.
The L403 fire control Flak Command Bunker is built to fortress standard with a minimum 2-metre-thick reinforced concrete walls and a roof almost 3 metres thick. More than 1,400 cubic meters of concrete was used in its construction – equating to around 3,360 tonnes.

This anti-aircraft command bunker was part of the heavy Flak battery called Rabenstein which was made up of 88mm Flak guns, 20mm Flak guns, machine gun posts, personnel shelters, radar, search lights and a generator bunker.
Only between 13 and 16 L403 bunkers are recorded as having been built throughout the whole ‘Atlantic Wall’ and four of these are in the Channel Islands – two in Jersey and two in Guernsey.
The bunker was manned by the Luftwaffe Flak Regiment 292 and housed up to 25 personnel operating on an eight-hour shift basis with accommodation for the duty crew. By contemporary standards, the bunker was very sophisticated, with central heating, showers, hot and cold running water and modern sanitation.

Whoever buys this unique property will certainly have fun deciding what to do with all this additional space. How about a cinema room, wine cellar or bar and party room? Part of the bunker would make a great teenager’s den or gaming room. Or perhaps a library, home office, gym, or music studio?
Whatever the new owner decides, this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a unique property. And one where storage space certainly won’t be an issue.
Please contact the Local Market sales team if you would like to view Les Jouppes, which can be seen here: https://www.swoffers.co.uk/property/les-jouppes-de-haut-route-des-laurens-torteval/

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