Open Market sales continue in lockdown thanks to virtual tours


When we decided to invest in the very latest technology to photograph properties, we didn’t realise just how timely and important that decision would be.

At Swoffers we are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to market your property, and the Giraffe360 seemed like the perfect next step. It uses a robotic camera to produce high resolution images, floor plans and virtual tours.

The Giraffe360 became invaluable when showing properties to our international clients who were prevented from coming to the island because of covid-19 travel restrictions.

We have agreed six open market sales during the current lockdown, and prior to that we agreed a number of sales remotely.

‘The feedback from people who were able to eventually move into their property who bought virtually has been fantastic. There’s obviously no substitute for seeing a house in person but this is next best thing,’ said open market director Sophie Ephgrave.

‘It really has been a game changer,’ added photographer Matt Le Page.

‘It can be used to take HD photos with normal, wide and ultra wide views, it does this by stitching several photos together. It can also create 360 virtual tours, where the viewer can walk themselves through the house and gardens. This gives them a much better view and feel for the property over just photos alone. It also has inbuilt laser radar technology to create millimetre accurate floor plans and measurements.

‘The neat tricks it can do are amazing, but the real benefit has been getting it for the current pandemic. Obviously Guernsey’s closed border policy has done wonders for keeping everyone safe and well. This makes it tough for people to pop over and view houses for a weekend. Thankfully, with the virtual tours it is almost as if they were here.’

Along with the tours there is software that enables us to host a tour, inviting in applicants to view at the same time as a negotiator. This is great because our team can be walking potential purchasers through the property as if they were face-to-face. You can also hand over the controls to the viewer so they can go where they please and the negotiator can just chat along the way.

Matt added: ‘We’ve had clients buy from photos alone and requested a virtual tour so they could get a better feel of the house for decorating and furnishing purposes. It really is a versatile and incredibly useful piece of kit.’

To find out how our 3D technology can help sell your home, contact our open market team.

Here is one you can see as an example of it on our website, Click the links below:

FaceTime viewings of empty properties can also be done on request, in line with strict conditions outlined by the States of Guernsey in its ‘exit from lockdown’ strategy.


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