Making work experience work


Work experience doesn’t have to just be stapling bits of paper together and other menial work.  At Swoffers we aim to provide real hands-on experience, not just shadowing, but some doing as well.

After all, it should be a learning experience where students contribute and feel that their work is useful.  Through our links with the College of FE and local schools, we’ve been exceptionally happy with the students who’ve joined us for work experience and paid placements in the holidays.

It’s a two-way process that benefits all the parties involved.  Not only do the students get inspired by the world of work, it’s also a training and recruitment opportunity for us.

Stephanie Best has been working at Swoffers for three years after a one-week stint of work experience.  She was studying for a diploma at the College of FE when we initially met her.  We were so impressed with her can-do attitude and communication skills that we offered her a permanent full-time job.

Stephanie said the week opened her eyes to the industry.

‘I really enjoyed my work experience week with Antonia, one of the local market negotiators.

‘We did viewings, take-ons, valuations, the whole gamut.  Back at the office I was shown the production process, including aspects like floor plans.

‘I’d been interested in working in property, and I learnt that there’s a lot more involved than just selling houses, the reality is there’s always lots to do behind the scenes.

‘My job is really interesting and varied, I speak with lots of people and get to build relationships with the landlords and tenants.

‘Swoffers is great because if they know you’ve got a target, they’ll help you work towards it.

Maisie Whiteman is studying at the Trinity College of Music in London.  In the holidays she’s had a paid position with us.

‘I really enjoy it, one minute I’ll be going out and picking up keys or going to a property with someone, the next minute I’ll be doing admin and typing.

‘I’ve done lots of office admin jobs in the past and it’s been just stapling, whereas here I’ve been able to see the big picture and everyone has explained to me what their role is.’

Working in an estate agency is a popular choice, there is high demand when jobs come up.  We’re delighted that we can help a young person’s career development, and as you can see, the feedback we’ve received from the students has been excellent.

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