Housing Market Inflation


Planning permission has been given for a trial development of inflatable homes to be erected on land adjacent to Pitronnerie road industrial estate.

The development will comprise 6 traditional style homes that are initially earmarked as short term accommodation for licence holders such as school teachers and nurses, in order for them to get a flavour of Guernsey before making the decision to move here. However at least one local estate agent is concerned that the move would open the door to further inflatable developments which could adversely impact the housing market.

Andre Austin, Director from Swoffers commented ‘No-one has clarified the position with regard to planning but as they are temporary structures then one problem is that these inflatable buildings could literally pop up anywhere. Imagine going to bed one night and the next morning finding out a two storey chalet has appeared in next door’s garden, blocking out your light and your views!

He adds ‘it must also be said that they don’t represent a great investment as we know of people being left out in the cold due to an ill placed stiletto heel or a dropped kitchen knife and although you might think they’re safe we have heard of one poor lady who tripped, fell against a wall and bounced across the hall for a good couple of hours before her family came home and rescued her.’

The developers, Erectaire Limited will be employing a local building firm to install the anchor lines which will take about a week, after which the houses will simply be inflated overnight.

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