Guernsey’s Open Market: a haven for British passport holders seeking a safer, less taxing lifestyle

Guernsey, Open Market

As the political landscape in the United Kingdom undergoes a potential shift with the Labour Party gaining momentum, many individuals and families are exploring alternative options for a safer and less taxing lifestyle. Guernsey continues to be a desirable destination for UK residents seeking a fresh start. Swoffers Managing Director, Craig Whitman, delves into our thriving Open Market and highlights the key advantages Guernsey has to offer.

At Swoffers we have an unmatched track record with a reputation for excellence and expertise in both our Open and Local Markets. We continue to work hard to cement our position as the island’s leading estate agency. And I am proud to be able to say that so far this year Swoffers has been responsible for 60% of all Open Market sales. This exceptional achievement showcases our commitment to assisting buyers and sellers in finding their perfect properties on the island.

One of our latest properties, that we are thrilled to have been appointed the sole agency of, is Domaine De La Roche, a magnificent cliff top home. This exquisite property epitomises the luxurious and tranquil lifestyle that Guernsey has to offer. With panoramic sea views and unrivalled privacy, this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a very special home.

Beyond Guernsey’s striking natural beauty, the island continues to entice prospective buyers with its attractive taxation system. Even as individuals and families prioritise safety and security, low taxes also remain a factor in their decision-making process. Our island stands out from our competitors by offering a range of appealing tax benefits, including no capital gains taxes, no inheritance taxes, a flat rate of 20% income tax, and, no Value Added Tax (VAT). The benefits of these low tax financial advantages and individual tax caps, combined with the island’s idyllic setting, makes Guernsey an irresistible option for those seeking a less burdensome financial environment.

Guernsey’s appeal extends beyond UK residents, as we welcome individuals and families from various corners of the globe. Expats from Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore have found solace in Guernsey’s stability and inviting lifestyle. Additionally, those hailing from South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia have also recognised the island’s allure as a destination for a fresh start. Our Open Market offers a diverse selection of properties to cater to the unique preferences of all global citizens.

Another key advantage of relocating to Guernsey is the ease of entry. The process of moving to the island is straightforward and hassle-free, all you need is a British Passport or UK Entry Visa. Guernsey welcomes individuals and families alike with open arms, ensuring a smooth transition to their new home and way of life.

Our beautiful island stands out as an ideal choice for many considering an alternative option. Swoffers is pleased to offer a wide selection of property available for sale and rental from stunning coastal properties to beautiful, charming town houses and low maintenance lock up and leaves. Guernsey’s tax advantages and streamlined entry process, presents an enticing reason for those looking to embrace a new chapter in their lives.

To learn more about the relocation process, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced Open Market team at

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