Business tunnels are reintroduced allowing off-island visitors to view properties


Swoffers is delighted that from next Friday (23rd April) people from outside of the island will be able to view properties in Guernsey without the need to quarantine, under the States of Guernsey’s business tunnel arrangement.

Currently this will only be able to be carried out by private travel, as the island’s airline is not offering day returns at this time.

Swoffers’ Managing Director, Craig Whitman, welcomed the move, which he said could only be good for Guernsey.

‘The island has been covid-free now since 28th February and as we don’t need to social distance anymore or wear masks, the island is an extremely attractive proposition for those looking to relocate their families, or to retire. Coupled with the quality of life we enjoy here, the low-tax regime and minimal crime, there has rarely been a better time to attract people looking to relocate,’ he said.

Under the business tunnel arrangement, travel to and from the airport hangars or terminal building must not be on public transport. Social distancing of one metre must be maintained at all times and contacts must be recorded for tracing purposes and should be minimised. Passengers must wear face masks as they pass through the airport and in the transport to their viewing or meeting. Business tunnel travel must be applied for.

People looking to benefit from the business tunnels initiative will need to contact Swoffers, who will then notify the States of Guernsey providing the relevant information for review to ensure that all legal requirements for use of the business tunnels are met against a set of criteria. Further information can be found here:

For information on relocating to Guernsey click here:

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